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June 4, 2012

3 Ways Twitter Can Help Performers

Matt Ruby on How Social Media Transforms Standup Comedy Career

From comedian Matt Ruby‘s 18-part interview on Capture Your Flag, three ways Twitter and social media can help performers.

  1. Exposure: “When your a comedian, you go onstage and there’s those people in the room at that moment but that’s it. Comedy is this very evaporating art form where it just disappears. Online stuff is a good way for people to follow you.”
  2. Developing your voice: “If your posting on Twitter a couple times a day for a year you’ll start to have a…voice that is recognizable.”
  3. Testing ideas: “I’ve had things I’ll post on Twitter that I think are just throwaway lines and then it will be retweeted a dozen times in an hour. And it’s like ‘Oh, that is something I should talk about on stage because it’s clearly striking a nerve.’