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August 26, 2012

What Heroes Are

“Lawrence Rubin, a psychology professor at St. Thomas University in Miami, posited that rather than focus on our fascination with fallen heroes, “we should turn attention from them to ourselves, and search for real and tangible ways to be heroic in our own lives.”

“Heroes are part of both popular and the broader culture as well.” They “are the rarefied and purified elements of the best of humanity,” Rubin says. They are “the distilled essence of our hopes, dreams, strength and desire for immortality.”

Source: Lance Armstrong: When A Hero Lets Us Down, via NPR

August 2, 2012

Bach & Buddha

ich habe genug = I have enough.

It’s the title of a Bach cantata and reminds me to be grateful.

AND it’s fund to say. Ick habbuh gah-nug!


August 2, 2012

Jack White on Inspiration

Hard work and the important of limiting yourself to a few options.