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July 8, 2012

George Orwell on Distance

“To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle” — George Orwell

July 8, 2012

Anderson Cooper on the personal vs the professional

Anderson Cooper on his decision to come out:

“For my safety and the safety of those I work with, I try to blend in as much as possible, and prefer to stick to my job of telling other people’s stories, and not my own…

Since my early days as a reporter, I have worked hard to accurately and fairly portray gay and lesbian people in the media – and to fairly and accurately portray those who for whatever reason disapprove of them. It is not part of my job to push an agenda, but rather to be relentlessly honest in everything I see, say and do. I’ve never wanted to be any kind of reporter other than a good one, and I do not desire to promote any cause other than the truth.

Being a journalist, traveling to remote places, trying to understand people from all walks of life, telling their stories, has been the greatest joy of my professional career, and I hope to continue doing it for a long time to come.

Anderson Cooper: “The Fact Is, I’m Gay.”  –Andrew Sullivan