Be Shameless and Ask

Sometimes you have to ask.

I saw an opportunity for work exchange — your admin help for free rental of studio space. This is exactly what I need!

Then I saw the age limit: 18-30. Damn. But I wrote them an email anyway. I have to ask. And what’s the worst that can happen? 

I’ve copied my plea, er, email below. xCW


SUBJECT: I have to ask


…even though I already know the answer.

Hi, I’m Chris Wolfe, arts entrepreneur and solo performer.

Nice to meet you. Saw the brief for [this project] and think it’s an amazing work exchange opp.

I just so happen to have edited and done motion graphics for an Emmy*-award winning US TV show in the US. And I’m a writer (even won an award for that.) And hey I do database/supporter services consulting for a living, if that’s needed — Oh I’ve got a nice smile, too.

THEN I saw it was ages 18-30.

You can see where this going, can’t you?

And I know what you need to say: “Yes, Chris, you sound nice and are undoubtedly good-looking, but the rules are the rules, and while we don’t want to be all Logan’s Run about this to someone who is only 2 years too old, we have to say no.”

I get that. I really do. But I want to make a counter offer. That outside the scope of this [project] you consider “paying me” to do some work for you. I can even give you a better rate of exchange.

I’m quite good (I know that’s immodest, but I’m American, so you understand) and I have big plans for the next 6 months: Expanding my one-person show (Generation 9/11, about how a generation was defined by 9/11 at a distance via TV, internet, and phone) online to create a ground-breaking digital space for sharing international perspectives — the end result being a viral performance that can be performed by anyone, anywhere, including the Middle East/North Africa region (where another Generation 9/11 led the Arab Spring.)


I need this.

Thank you for listening.
I understand if you need to say no.
I understand that flattery will not work.

…but it’s still worth mentioning that you are all undoubtedly good-looking.

Best, Chris


3 Comments to “Be Shameless and Ask”

  1. I’m on tenterhooks – they have to reply to that.

    • 2 weeks later they did:
      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your lovely email. Unfortunately, we can’t make exceptions!

      Best wishes,

      Well, at least they thought my email was lovely.

  2. Love it! Great, inventive way of tackling an old problem. And you’re right, it never hurts!

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